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The Framework
The figure below depicts the cyclic representation of our MC3 framework. In order for companies to achieve sustainable performance, this circle needs to live on and feed itself. Just like the circle of life.
The MC3 framework aligns and percolates strategy to all levels in the organisation. It enables organisations to leverage their intellectual capital, supported by appropriate technology, to achieve business results. While application of the MC3 framework is tailored to suit each organisation's requirements, it addresses the following constituents:
Intent Management: Create a mindset for learning and define a learning agenda tied to the business goal and encourage individuals to learn better and perform better.
Content Management: Facilitate capture of Tacit Knowledge from suppliers, customers and internal experts and acquire competitive and business intelligence.
Action Management: Apply the learning and thus change the way in which the organisation performs and,
Performance Management: Re-aligning individual goals with organisational goals, assessing and analysing performance based on these metrics.
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