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Our theory is about survival and winning, dedicated to and modelled on the millions of species in nature that survive and even thrive in the most adverse of circumstances. Nature knows no doomsday - it knows only how to live on to a new tomorrow.
Can there be a better teacher?
Organisations are like living organisms - in rapidly changing scenarios, they need to be constantly aware of their environment, sense opportunities and adapt quickly in order to win in the marketplace.
This is the fundamental belief that gave birth to MC3 - the world's first patented holistic learning and innovation framework that brings about knowledge-enabled transformation in organisations.
The framework adopts a cybernetic (cause and effect) approach because similar to the laws that govern nature, everything a company does is governed by what it is. It is a framework that integrates people, process and technology; makes a direct impact on business results and brings about transformation in an enterprise - not just incremental change.
The MC3 framework truly transcends conventional change management boundaries. It emphasises the need to create a context for learning, problem solving and innovation through curiosity, thus increasing its capability to create new knowledge in terms of innovations, process improvements and better services.
When rephrased, the four constituents symbolise MC3 as:
Motivation to seek and collaborate
Capability to create, capture and disseminate knowledge & information
Capacity to leverage and institutionalise best practices
Calibrate performance against predefined goals
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